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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Clarity: Counting Calories

THURSDAY, MAY 17, 2007
I haven't done much with this impotent blog... mostly because of the massive confusion in my head as to whether this should document my psychological, emotional, cultural, or gastronomical transition to China. Or maybe because I am too busy stuffing my face with cheap food (and the occassional booze overkill). I think the most obvious thing to document should be my food encounters, mainly because I am equipped with my secret food discovery and menu translating weapon, the Overbearing Food-Pushing Shanghainese Mom... only in town for 4 more days! I will try to work backwards and showcase the interesting visuals and tastes I've wallowed in so far, so bear with me as I try to play ketchup real quick. Don't be surprised if the amount of KiloCalories you see posted do not seem as if they could humanly fit within the spare number of days I consumed them. Dijon did say, "Obesity is the new Black in China." Beautiful.

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