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Friday, May 18, 2007

Reflexology.. I'm hooked

Mr. Wong Rong Gun aka "Number 8"
T: 137.7446.2732
Reflexology, Full body Pressure Point Massage, and he'll make your chapped elephant skin feet all buttery again like a newborn. The most amazing, good-natured healer I've found in Shanghai. Ok, well my mom also found him, known as "Number 8" at a nearby Reflexology spot near her house, but the business closed overnight and she had to hunt him down across town at a new spot on Rujin No. 2 Rd x ZhaoJiaBan Rd. We went for a visit and ended up recruiting him for house calls. China does breed opulence in the most slacker of people (yeah, me). Does house calls in the late morning before his 12 hr shift starts. Speaks little English, so I can provide you with some choice phrases to help request your needs. You might wonder, gee- it's not rocket science to know your liver is beyond repair, but this guy is incredibly skilled at being able to name your current ailments through the soles of your feet, and he works to harmonize the imbalances. Reflexology 1hr: $38rmb | Body Massage 1hr: $60 | The Whole Shebang for 2 hrs: $88rmb. We pay him this much because he is so earnest and damn good.

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